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Kaua’i Gourmet Roasters

Our Kauai Gourmet Coffee Roasters 100% Hawaiian coffee and Hawaiian blends are very popular with both visitors to Kauai and locals alike.

For over ten years, we were proprietors of Hanalei Coffee Roasters, a retail/roasting cafe in Hanalei. During our time in Hanalei, we roasted tens of thousands of pounds of 100% Hawaiian coffees under our Hanalei Coffee Roasters brand. In 2015, we sold the cafe portion of our business in order to focus on our primary interest: roasting Hawaiian coffee. After the sale of the cafe, we retained our Hanalei Coffee Roasters brand, and also acquired the Kauai Gourmet Coffee Roasters brand. Under the Kauai Gourmet label, we are working with Hawaiian farmers to purchase coffee in such a manner that we can provide 100% micro-roasted Hawaiian coffees and Hawaiian Blends at affordable prices.


Instagram: @hanaleicoffeeroasters