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Alakoko Membership

Makers membership fee goes directly toward the retail operational costs. Members receive a space to sell, customer checkout services, and management of a dedicated sales team. Members also get benefits such as discounted photoshoots, workshops, marketing, pop-ups and more to help drive innovation and growth of your business.

At Alakoko we are a community of small businesses supporting Kauai's circular economy.


 How do I become an Alakoko Member? 

 Step 1. Fill out application form by clicking link below: 

Alakoko Membership Application 


 Step 2. You're application will be reviewed for approval 

 Step 3. Schedule a friendly interview to go over the details of membership and determine if it's a right fit for you're business. 

 Step 4.  Sign a membership agreement and start selling with Alakoko 



 Membership Fees 

Affordable monthly fees that allow you to set your products and forget it.

$160 Kahua (Core) Membership *That's just $5 a day*

$80 Keiki Kalo (Intro) Membership *limited benefits*


If you have a specialty product that doesn't fit our space formula don't hesitate to ask.  

We are happy to customize a membership according to your business needs.

  Kahua (Core) Membership 

$160 per month 

($152.80 + tax)


  • One shelf of hanging space
  • 25 max product SKUs (not to be confused with qty)
  • In store TV advertisement
  • Online sales *when possible*

Membership prices subject to change. Minimum of 4 months required to start.


Growing Members will need more space to showcase their products.

Additional Upgrades 


Add (1) Shelf/Hang Space + $80    ($76.40 + tax)
Storage Space + $28   ($26.74 + tax)
Entire Shelving Unit (5 shelves + Storage) + $300  ($286.50 + tax)


  Keiki Kalo Trial Membership 

Are you starting out and discovering your brand identity and product line?  Keiki Kalo is an intro membership that lets you test the water for a period of 4 months.  These memberships are based on availability and does not offer the same benefits or visual demand or foot traffic as our Kahua membership.  Details can be discussed at time of interview.

$80 per month

($76.40 + tax)


  • Low traffic pre-selected space
  • 10 max product SKUs
  • Online sales *when possible*
Intro memberships have a 4 month trial limit. This membership does not qualify for upgrades.




Membership FAQ

What do we offer?

Alakoko is a Rice Street Business Association non-profit affiliate store based on the idea of shared community space. Alakoko is a membership based store that services growing and locally based entrepreneurs. This membership includes space to sell their products, brand promotion, and offers networking/resources that help stimulate sustainable growth.

How is this different?

We understand the struggles of local small business owners and believe in the value of quality handmade products. Alakoko alleviates the time and overhead expense it would cost to open and operate a store so you can focus on mastering your craft.

Compared to wholesale which takes 50-60% of sales, we keep things simple with a monthly membership. This means every purchase in Alakoko goes directly to the maker which means more profit, more cash flow, and more potential for growth.


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