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Sequoia Maye Designs

Sequoia Maye Sol Leech-Kritchman (guess who’s parents were hippies) was creating art out of ‘trash’ ever since anyone can remember. During recess, rather than playing kickball, swinging on swings, or doing whatever else children do at recess, Sequoia was searching for ‘treasures.’ Aka buttons, strings, and pieces of trash that found their way to the ground by some means.

Sequoia grew up on the small wondrous island of Kaua’i. She studied sculpture art in college at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.

Sequoia draws inspiration from everything that surrounds her day to day. She is especially fascinated with ‘trash’ or what others might throw away. Due to growing up on an island with limited space, Sequoia has witnessed first hand exactly where our trash goes when it is not picked up by curious kids such as herself. It goes into the ocean. This is Sequoia’s way of doing what she can, little as it may seem sometimes, to help save mama earth.

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