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Kione’s Prism Jewelry

Fascination with nature's beauty and love of art led to Kim-Ione creating her first jewelry at the age of four. Shortly thereafter she was utilizing indigenous people's techniques of hand and loom work. Family, friends and neighbors starting purchasing her jewelry when she was about 10.
An extended college education began with a major in fine art (jewelry and painting), continued into marketing and management and finally concluded with a degree in nutrition and food science. These skills were helpful when Kim-Ione opened Prism Art Gallery & Performance Center in Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago), in 1986. For 5 years the art center was a community hub that focused on art and social issues. Prism was a bustling place with monthly rotating, themed, multi-artist exhibits. Many nights were filled with theatrical and/or musical performances and socially oriented gatherings. Over one thousand visual and performing artists were represented, including Kim-Ione's jewelry and paintings.
After closing the Prism Gallery, Kim-Ione traveled the world for many years and gained inspiration from places of natural and created beauty. Her jewelry style evolved over the following decade residing on the beautiful island of Kaua'i, Hawaii. Kim-Ione's passion for being in the ocean was fully embraced and the resulting style change led to a more organic and flowing, yet geometric & helix like creations.
She spent two years in Southeast Asia, primarily Bali and Thailand. While there, she created a clothing and accessory line and continued designing & creating jewelry. There she adopted the nickname Kione. After traveling and living in many places, Kione returned to be with her beloved fiance in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there for many years before the couple moved to Kione's beloved home, Kaua'i, Hawaii.

She is very excited to be currently and continually expanding Kione's Prism Jewelry line and is now focusing on a more refined and delicate alternative style.


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